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Portfolio Review:

Maggie has judged many competitions and grants. She teaches workshops around the world and is a popular and encouraging editor who sees things in the work of photographers and steers them toward their final goals for their work. 

Maggie also mentors people around the world. She has helped many photographers get their work introduced or published after these reviews. 

"Nothing can do what a photograph can do when describing how the moonlight fell across your mother's face when she was 20, or any other major event in our lives."  

—Maggie Steber

Tips forPhoto Workshop StudentsfromNeal JacksononVimeo.

Photojournalist Maggie Steber speaks aboutthepowerofimagesfromChuckFadelyonVimeo.

If there's one thing Maggie Steber likes more than taking photographs is looking at them, especially the work of other people.  "I am amazed that we all look through the same viewfinder and see different things. I love all kinds of 
photographs, historical and contemporary, journalistic and artistic, there's nothing that I turn away from." 

Maggie is a documentary photographer known for her humanistic stories of people and cultures. She has worked in 65 countries, producing significant bodies of work on Haiti, Native Americans, and memory loss. She has been a photo editor with Associated Press and at the Miami Herald where she served as Director of Photography. Clients include National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, Smithsonian, The New Yorker and many American and European publications.  Her work is exhibited internationally. 

Maggie's honors include, Leica Medal of Excellence 
The Overseas Press Club’s Rebbot Award for Best Reporting from Abroad, Medal of Honor for her Contribution to Journalism from the University of Missouri, first prize in World Press Photo, first prize in World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year, The Ernst Haas Grant, The Alicia Patterson Grant, The Knight Foundation Grant and three-time finalist for the Eugene Smith Grant.

portfolio review

maggie steber