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This workshop was on November 14, 2015

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Introduction to Nature Photography

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Robert Sullivan is a photography instructor with Photo Workshops Miami. Along with the Lemurs here in Jungle Island, he is excited to announce our upcoming workshop: Introduction to Nature Photography.
Jungle Island, recognizing the difficulty that some guests often have taking pictures of the animals and beautiful scenery here in the park, teamed up with Al Diaz’s Photo Workshops Miami to offer you this ½ day workshop on Saturday, November 14th that he will be teaching.
In this workshop, Sullivan will speak to you about his years of experience as a nature photographer, choice to live aboard his sailboat…using it as a base to photograph animals and scenes from his standup paddleboards and kayaks, as well as his travels around the world in search of “fresh” scenes that haven’t been over-photographed. Using his portfolio of nature photography as examples in an information packed Powerpoint presentation, Sullivan will teach you how to consistently take better photographs of scenes that you see, but might have difficulty with capturing in camera. Here is a short list of just some of the topics that he will teach you, in easy to understand terms:
• The three factors that allow your camera to produce a proper exposure.
• How to get off automatic mode and purposefully produce excellent photography.
• Rules of composition, AND, when to break those rules!
• Where and how I manage to photograph wildlife, up close.
and much much more.

But this isn’t just a lecture, this is a hands on workshop in which you will also be shooting under his supervision along with the assistance of Al Diaz, staff photographer of the Miami Herald. 

You will have the opportunity to put to practice the information 

Robert Sullivan

thank you for making this workshop a success!

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Was on November 14, 2015  |  Four Hour Photography Workshop  |  Jungle Island  |  Instructor, Robert Sullivan

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and tips that you learned in the morning lectures as you photograph the animals and scenery during a photo walk through the beautiful grounds of Jungle Island. Afterwards, Diaz will select some of the student’s images for Sullivan to discuss and offer constructive criticism.
This will be a true hands on workshop in which you will not only attend a lecture, but you will practice what you learn with supervision by experienced photographers, and then receive immediate feedback on what you shoot.
So, please, join us and Photo Workshops Miami here at Jungle Island on Saturday, November 14th, for a workshop that will improve your nature photography and teach you how to capture beautiful scenes in your camera as you see them in person.
-- Many of Robert’s photographs were taken at Jungle Island but his portfolio includes images he has captured during his travels around the world

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