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Focus on the Everglades photography workshop is your chance to explore the area yourself and take photographs that accurately reflect the rich spirt and natural beauty of the glades. come learn how to hone in on the deeper spirit of the glades.

In celebration of the Tamiami Trail’s 100th anniversary, this specially designed all-day photography workshop features three of South Florida’s most respected experts who will share their knowledge right on the historic Tamiami Trail itself.

Teaching photography will be Nikon Ambassador and world-renowned wildlife expert, Ron Magill. Along with being the Media Relations Director for Zoo Miami, Ron has travelled the globe extensively on photo expeditions. An Emmy Award-winner, Ron’s photos have been featured in numerous magazines and gallery shows. He understands animals and knows how to best capture them with a camera.  Assisting Ron will be multi award-winning Miami Herald photojournalist and founder of Photo Workshops Miami, Al Diaz

Serving as historian along the tour route will be self-proclaimed “Everglades Evangelist” Cesar A. Becerra.  The author of several books on Florida history, Cesar will offer a passionate and entertaining narrative about the fascinating history of the Tamiami Trail and how the building of the trail affected the people of South Florida.   

The tour’s off-road elements and deep Everglades exploration will be guided by Houston Cypress, an environmental activist. Houston will lead the tour past chickee huts, wild sawgrass expanses and onto an original Miccosukee hammock. His inspirational and spiritual perspective will address modern day issues that affect tribal members as well as their sacred ancestral land.  

Much more than a river of grass, the Everglades is a visually stunning eco-system and vibrant habitat for a diverse range of wildlife. Birds, alligators, snakes, deer and turtles all live here. A hundred years ago, the Tamiami Trail brought “progress” to the area by connecting nearby cities and towns. 

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Ron Magill is plain and simple one of the most vibrant storytellers in photography today. ​— Joe McNally


OUR DESTINATION: Authentic Miccosukee Indian village on an island deep in the Florida Everglades only accessible by airboat or canoe.

All inclusive  |  Full Day  |  Photography Workshop  |  Space is Limited  |  January 30, 2016

This all inclusive, full day photography workshop includes land and airboat transportation, meals and snacks.

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