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Cesar Becerra is a former road warrior (when gas was 99 cents a gallon) who drove through all 50 states in a one-year road trip for the Travel Channel. A type 2 diabetic, Cesar decided to "thorough-hike" the 2,160 mile Appalachian Trail in 388 days and through all 4 seasons. Now addicted to long distance walking, he has begun the first leg of a 20,000 mile journey (The World Walk for Diabetes) as he attempts to circumnavigate the globe (that's right the planet!) on foot (so far Key West to Arizona). Filmmaker and writer with more than a dozen titles to his resume, he also teaches environmental education at Nature's Classroom and is the lead tour manager for Educational Field Trips. 

He has   flown, paddled, trekked and explored the Everglades for over 30 years. Becerra is the past publisher of Everglades Magazine. He wrote the official obituary of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in the Florida Historical Quarterly and research the logging history of the Everglades for Big Cypress National Preserve. Far more than an aimless wanderer, Becerra teeters on the edge of two worlds; that as an observer of modern day life and a believer of turning back the clock to a simpler time. He is at the helm of a bevy of interesting projects that educate, entertain, & inform people about a new (feel free to call it radical) approach of living a balanced and purposeful life.

Cesar Becerra