For over 25-plus years in the industry, Candace Barbot has held virtually every visual role: newspaper staff photojournalist, photo editor, new media trainer, multimedia producer, cinematography freelancer, long-form documentary director.  Candace covered small-town Florida politics and global crises. She has filed breaking news from disaster scenes and spent years following a single character for a film.

Candace began her career as a Miami Herald staff photojournalist, where she was a key member of news teams that won Pulitzer Prizes in 1993 for coverage of Hurricane Andrew and in 1998 for coverage of the devastating floods in Grand Forks, North Dakota. In 2000, Candace’s most deeply personal photographic project, a look at the poverty and violence ravaging Miami’s Liberty City, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography.

As the Herald evolved into a digital newsroom, Candace embraced emerging technologies and the convergence of media.  As one of four founding members of the Herald’s Visual Journalism Department, she helped pioneer the creation of new storytelling models for the newspaper’s online audience.

Driven by a desire to diversify her skill set and expand into more thoughtful, less deadline-driven storytelling, Candace left the Herald in 2009 to focus on long-form documentary filmmaking. After graduating with top honors from the School of Visual Arts MFA Social Documentary Film program, Candace began working with accomplished producers in New York.  In addition to working for others, she filmed and produced her first feature-length documentary, “Detroit Dog City,” which premiered at the 2015 FREEP Film Festival in Detroit. In conjunction with that film, Discovery Channel optioned a one-hour ‘one-off’ program that aired on Animal Planet.

Based in the North Carolina, Florida and New York areas, Candace works as a director/cinematographer. As part of her long-term commitment to meaningful projects, Candace is Visual Lead for a non-profit Overwatch+Project, whose initiative is a national social norm-changing campaign aimed at preventing veteran suicide by firearm [overwatchproject.org].


: This workshop will enable filmmakers to develop a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process, 
inspiring considerable creative fulfillment and notable success with their professional and personal projects.
During the workshop, we will discuss: developing and refining an idea, selecting the appropriate equipment and locations to execute that idea, and bringing your story to life in the edit.

This will be an inspiring overview of the filmmaking process based on real-world experience.

Participants are welcome to submit (1) one-minute sample of their project, which we may (time permitting) reference during our discussions. Please label your submissions: LAST NAME_PROJECT NAME.
Submit HD files only, no longer than one minute, by Midnight February 25th. CLICK on this link to submit: LINK

Topics we will explore during this workshop:

▪ What is the nature of your project? Is it client work or a personal passion project?
▪ The nature of great ideas… Great stories start with good ideas and exhaustive research. 
▪ Structure…No matter what the project is, great ideas supported by great structure will ensure passionate audience            engagement.
▪ The difference between short-form and long-form projects??
▪ Commercial vs. Documentary approaches. Different, but the same.
▪ What ‘tools’ do you need to create the highest quality results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner for your          project?
▪ Audio…”Sound is Half the Picture”  – George Lucas
▪ Post-production. Editing…Where your story comes to life.

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